Toothpaste on Pimples

An Effective Home Remedy, Or Not?

using toothpaste as a treatment for pimples

Is toothpaste an effective treatment for pimples? Read on to find out!

There has been a lot of talk in online forums and chatrooms about using toothpaste on acne blemishes such as pimples or zits. Whilst it seems there are a lot of positive comments about the effectiveness of this treatment, will it really work for you?
Well, according to most people, yes, it really does work but there are certain precautions you need to take in order to protect your skin – read on to find out what these are, but first, how does toothpaste work on spots?

It seems that using the paste kind, (not the gel) and choosing one that is pretty ordinary, not the tooth whitening, plaque inhibiting, gum protecting, all singing and dancing, bells and whistles kind of toothpaste is the way to go.

A simple paste works a bit like using a clay face mask, it dehydrates the blemish, absorbing the liquid from it and along with oil, it also removes any dirt or bacteria trapped inside your pores.

So, if your skin can withstand having neat paste dabbed on it and left overnight, you should find your blemish greatly reduced in appearance by the morning. This is the big ‘but’, I’m afraid and some people’s skin reacts badly, even getting blistered or burnt from the paste, so it definitely isn’t for anyone. There are alternatives to this method if your skin is really sensitive and you can find out more about these in the following articles (just use the links to visit the page).

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What sort of spots can I use toothpaste on?

toothpaste on pimples home remedyBasically, you can only use this method on unbroken skin – so if the zit has already popped or any fluid is leaking out of it, don’t use this treatment, you will make things worse, use one of the other natural remedies available or apply a good antibacterial medicated cream and tough it out!

If the pimple hasn’t popped, just put a tiny dab of paste on the tip of your ring finger or a cotton bud and touch it to the spot.

Make sure you don’t get this on the surrounding skin though as you could cause more irritation that way.

As mentioned before, the simpler the formulation of the paste you use, the better. Steer clear of really strong, minty flavors. Brands with active ingredients and special formulations are more expensive and won’t be more effective at treating your spots, in fact, they are more likely to cause irritation so just go for a cheap brand or a supermarket own brand. The only exception would be choosing a formulation which contains baking soda as this is a particularly effective as a spot treatment!

Precautions Before Trying Toothpaste as a Spot Remedy for the First Time

toothpaste on pimplesMost people who have found tooth paste effective, use it overnight. They apply a tiny dab to each affected spot and allow it to dry before going to bed. If you have never tried using this method before, it is vital that you do a test first.

Just like when using a hair color for the first time, you need to do a skin test. Apply a dab of paste behind your ear where it won’t be seen and leave it there. Do this in the morning and be ready to wash it off immediately if you feel any irritation at all.

If you can go right through the day with no problems at all, try it on just one zit first. That way if something unforeseen happens and you do have a skin reaction, the affected area will be minimised.

How to Apply Toothpaste as a Spot Treatment

The best way is to apply after you have thoroughly cleansed your face. Apply a tiny dab on the area of the spot only, avoiding surrounding skin and just gently rub with the tip of your ring finger until it is absorbed by the spot.

The following morning, gently wipe the area of the spot with a damp face cloth or cotton wool pad, being careful not to rub it. Your spot should now look much less red and smaller in size. Wash and cleanse your face as normal afterwards.

Recommended Brands

Arm and Hammer which contains Baking Soda (use the link to read our article on Baking Soda in skin care)
Crest paste (not gel) – This product is very popular for spots and gets lots of mentions in “which brand to use” question on Yahoo Answers.

Sensible Precautions

  • Don’t apply to the same blemish for two nights in a row. This could be too drying for your skin.
  • Although the overnight application works best, people with sensitive skins can still benefit from using paste for a short time during the day.
  • Always do the patch test by applying a dab behind your ear before using this method for the first time.
  • Avoid whitening pastes, those with added ‘active ingredients’ or fluoride.
  • Discontinue use if you experience pain, irritation or any other unexpected problem. However, please note that it is normal to feel a stinging or tingling when you first apply the paste but this should soon go and you should never find using this method painful.

A Home Remedy For Spots That Really Works!

Toothpaste, especially the basic paste kind, is very inexpensive. There are hundreds of people who have left positive comments in forums, chatrooms and on Yahoo answers to testify that it is really effective as a cheap way of treating spots. However, people with more severe acne or sensitive skin may find that this method isn’t for them.

Trying the patch test behind your ear will show you whether you are likely to have problems or whether it is safe to give it a try for yourself. If not and you are still looking for an inexpensive, natural or home remedy for your blemishes, check out our home remedies articles for some alternative, effective methods.

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