The Five Best Post Shave Products To Watch Out For


Few men truly enjoy shaving. Most regard it as a necessary chore rather than an indulgence. Itchy skin, dryness, cuts and burns don’t make shaving a very enjoyable experience either.

With the right choice of shaving cream/foam, brush, razor and post-shave products, however, you can make shaving a little more indulgent and enjoyable.

Post shaving products are particularly important in this regard. The skin is particularly dry and itchy after a shave and requires a lot of hydration to soothe the itchiness and razor burn.

Here are Five Post-shave Products that Deserve a Spot in Every Man’s Bathroom Cabinet

1. Alum block
Simple, old-fashioned, and highly effective, the alum block has been the go-to choice of after shave salve for barbers the world over for years. Alum is a natural mineral with antiseptic and coagulating properties. Just moisten the block and rub it against your skin after a shave, and you’ll prevent infections and stop bleeding within seconds. Best of all, alum blocks are dirt cheap. A single block will last for more than an year and will cost you less than ten pounds (around 15 dollars US).

2. Burt’s Bees Bay Rum After Shave Balm
Burt's Bees After Shave BalmWhen it comes to after-shave balms, nothing can match the effectiveness and raw masculine scent of bay rum. This is the scent that pervades old-school barbershops the world over and is instinctively familiar to ever man. Bay rum soothes the skin naturally and leaves a wonderful, sweet-spicy lingering smell. Old-school bay rum based after-shave balms usually contained a lot of alcohol which dries and stretches the skin. Burt’s Bees Bay Rum After Shave Balm includes a lot of natural ingredients such as bay leaf oil, lemon peel oil, orange peel oil, clove oil, rosemary extract, etc. The end result is a highly soothing, natural balm with the signature bay rum scent any man would be proud to sport.

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3. Miessence After Shave Balm
With chamomile extract, horse chestnut extract, sandalwood and lavender oil, the Miessence after shave balm is made from completely organic, gluten-free ingredients that leaves a lingering smell of freshness on the skin. The balm is completely alcohol free, which gives a soothing effect without the dryness and irritation.

4. Nautica After Shave
nautica after shaveUsing an after shave is optional for most men, especially if you are already supplementing your post-shave routine with an after shave balm. Nonetheless, an after shave can further soothe and impart a strong masculine scent to the skin. In this regard, the Nautica after shave by Nautica should be one of the top choices. With lemon, sage, rose, jasmine and sandalwood, this after shave is completely natural and leaves a very distinct fresh smell on the skin.

5. Old Spice High-Endurance After Shave Lotion
Old Spice has been the go-to brand of choice for most men when it comes to after shaves. This lotion is made from very simple, old-school ingredients with the distinct old-spice scent. ‘High-endurance’ means that the scent will linger longer, and keep away dryness and irritation.

So what post shave product are you supplementing your shaving regimen with?

This is a a guest post article which was written in collaboration with jacksmalegrooming, suppliers of male grooming products.

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