Miracle Care Pimple Eraser Review

Have you heard people talking about a pimple eraser and wondered what it is? Well, read on to find out! This is an innovative skin care product that is suitable for both men and women, and all skin types.

It is recommended to treat acne, scarring, uneven skin tone, whiteheads, blackheads, open pores, wrinkles, fine lines and ingrown hairs – in short, anything you do not like about your complexion!

The Pimple Eraser from Miracle Care is one such product that claims to do all of the above, quickly, easily and without any unwanted side effects. The company claims that the glycolic formula gets rid of existing acne and prevent any future breakouts from appearing. Glycolic acid is considered to be the most effective ingredient derived from sugar cane, which helps to get rid of dead skin cells.

Another plus point from using this product is that using it stimulates collagen and elastin growth in the skin, helping skin to start looking younger and feeling firmer.

How To Use The Pimple Eraser

Pimple Eraser

  • Cleanse your skin thoroughly.
  • Turn the bottle upside down and press the padded end against your skin to release the liquid.
  • Rub the eraser over your whole face and neck, avoiding the delicate eye area. Make sure you cover the entire surface of your skin with an even application. Do not rinse it off.
  • Apply each night. Slowly increase to two applications per day and continue as required.
  • Men should apply the Pimple Eraser after shaving, in place of their regular aftershave. This product will help with ingrown hairs and pimples after shaving too.

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TOP TIP: You must use a sunscreen whilst using this product. Glycolic Acid will make your skin more sensitive to sunlight so wear an effective, oil free sunscreen on all the areas you have treated. The manufacturers recommend an SPF of 25-30

The manufacturer of this product claims that it will produce the same results as treatments you would expect from a professional dermatologist. But what do users think of it?

Amazon customer review:-

“I have difficult to treat adult acne, and I have used this product for years. It is expensive, but a little goes a long way. It works better than salicylic acid or benzoil peroxide. I highly suggest this product.”

The majority of them like this product and would recommend it to others looking for a way to get rid of acne. Clearly, one positive feature of the Eraser is that it is entirely “hands off”, because you do not need to use your hands to apply it to your skin, or to rinse it off. When you are dealing with pimples and other acne breakouts, it is vitally important that you have extremely high standards of hygiene in place. If bacteria gets into your pores, it will be even more difficult to eliminate those zits! We carry the most bacteria on our hands, because this is the part of the body that comes into contact with so many different surfaces, objects and people on a daily basis. An acne treatment that does not require you to touch your face automatically reduces the risk of spreading bacteria, no matter how clean you think your hands are.

Our Conclusion?

There are very few negative reviews of this product. It may not be suitable for the most sensitive of skins, but most people find the Pimple Eraser to be easy to use, good value for money (as one bottle will last four to six weeks and it has 15% off at Amazon right now) and effective in helping to get rid of pimples.

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