Is Neutrogena On The Spot The Best Pimple Spot Treatment?

If you are looking for the best pimple spot treatment, Neutrogena On The Spot Acne Treatment could be the solution as if you only suffer from individual, localized zits, you want to avoid treating your whole face unnecessarily. This formula allows you to treat single pimples safely, quickly and effectively.

I think this could be the best spot treatment I have tried so far because it provides a prescription grade treatment that will penetrate right down into your skin pores and eliminate the bacteria that cause the breakouts and inflammation. It not only treats the existing blemish but helps prevent another one from forming.

Neutrogena on the spot acne treatmentI particularly like the fact that the tube for dispensing the cream has a very tiny hole which means it is easy to get a very small amount of the cream onto your fingertip to treat just one zit at a time. This makes it economical as you do not waste any. I also like it because it just disappears into the skin so it is invisible after application.

Although this cream is really effective, it is also pretty gentle. You apply it after you have cleansed your face and dried it. I tend to use it at night, the place I usually get pimples is on my forehead so I just dab a tiny spot onto any spot I can see and run my fingertip across my forehead to feel any of those tiny bumps that means another one is developing under the surface and I dab the cream on those too. I find this to be a really effective way of minimising the appearance of my pimples pretty quickly.

The active ingredient in Neutrogena On The Spot Acne Treatment is Benzoyl peroxide (2.5%). This ingredient is widely used in acne treatments and it is very effective. Benzoyl peroxide can also be extremely drying on this skin and is too harsh for sensitive skins when used on the whole face and can cause peeling and redness. However, although my skin is pretty sensitive, I haven’t had any problems because I only ever apply the cream to individual spots. If you are using other topical acne treatments, be cautious as combining products can make it more likely to get irritation of the skin.

I recommend Neutrogena For Spots

best pimple spot treatment

The only thing I would mention is that because of the Benzoyl peroxide in this product, you need to make sure you are careful to wash your hands after each application and thoroughly cleanse your face before using a face towel. This is because the peroxide will bleach your towels! If you use it at night before you go to bed, make sure it is thoroughly dried before you put your face on the pillow – for the same reason!

I can definitely recommend Neutrogena On The Spot Acne Treatment because it is easy to use, economical, very effective and comes in a handy sized tube you can just pop in your purse so that you can be sure of having the best pimple spot treatment on hand whenever you need it.

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