How To Remove Pimples Fast

a special occasion when you want to look your best

For those special occasions when you have to look your best!

You can learn how to remove pimples fast for those instances when you simply cannot have them on your skin.

  • Your senior pictures are coming up and a big red spot shows up.
  • You have a big date and all of a sudden, there is a giant zit on your nose.

It can be incredibly frustrating to have this happen and yet it may seem to you that it always happens at the most inconvenient moment!

If you have a big occasion, the last thing you need is a big pimple, so the good news is that there are often solutions that can help you to at least reduce the appearance of the pimple on your skin quickly. To make this happen, you do have to take steps as soon as possible.

How To Get Rid Of A Pimple Fast

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In the following video, Dr Lisa Benest explains her methods for getting rid of pimples fast.

how to remove pimples fastThe first thing to do to learn to get rapid relief from an unwanted blemish is to wash your face and to remove any excess oils and bacteria. While you may not think this is the solution you need for a quick fix, it is the foundation of improving the quality of your skin and effective pimple treatment. You can and should use a product to cleanse your skin. Look for a cleanser and an exfoliator that will help to remove the debris from within the pores. This is critical to improving the skin’s look. It is also important to choose the mildest and gentlest exfoliating product you can find. When you want to learn how to remove pimples fast, the last thing you need is to cause further inflammation of your skin.

Do consider the use of an extractor tool. To explain how to remove pimples fast using this tool, you will find our article on the subject of removing the whitehead or blackhead using an extractor tool helpful. This process will remove the pus (this is the fluid inside a whitehead that is causing it to be inflamed). Follow the directions provided to you by the product to do this. These inexpensive tools really do help speed up the removal process and help your skin to heal more quickly but you must learn to use them properly to avoid damaging your skin.

An effective treatment to reduce the appearance of blemishes overnight is to try using a sulfur mask. You can purchase these ready to go. Apply them as the manufacturer recommends. The sulfur will work to clean out the pores that are clogged with oils causing the blemishes in the first place. It also works very well to reduce the skin’s irritation level, which allows that spot to be less red and inflamed. Overall, this method works well to improve the skin’s health and can dramatically improve the appearance of a spot that crops up before an important occasion when you want to be looking your best.

avoid touching faceIn addition to these steps, learn how to avoid making pimples worse, by keeping your fingers away from your face.

Once you improve your skin health and remove existing blemishes using skin care treatments and/or pimple extractor tools, get out of the habit of touching your face, or cupping your chin in your palm while reading.

Doing so will make your problems worse because you are transferring bacteria from your fingertips to your face. This leads to more problems so avoiding touching your face as much as you can, will help to break the cycle and give your skin time to heal.

It is definitely possible to give your skin a quick fix with products like the one hour pimple patch and neutrogena on the spot, just two of the effective products we have reviewed on this site. By checking out our reviews and choosing a product that suits you, you will have a treatment ready in your purse to deal with a spot whenever it crops up. Using these treatments will definitely improve the appearance of spots and if you need to remove pimples fast can be a great help.

Follow up your emergency treatment by improving your overall skin care routine and hopefully avoid the need for searching the Internet for “how to remove pimples fast” treatments too often!

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