How To Prevent Pimples, Two Top Tips

If I had the definitive answer to the problem of how to prevent pimples, I probably would not be sitting at my computer writing this article, I would be off on a lovely beach somewhere, sunning myself – because you only have to look online to realise that skin care is BIG business!

However, before I talk myself out of a job altogether, I have lined up some of my favourite tips and hints for how to avoid pimples becoming a problem for you and start to get back your clear complexion.

You already know that what causes pimples is usually an inflammation or infection that starts under the skin because pores have become clogged by excess oil or sebum production and this becomes a sort of ‘bacteria magnet’ which sets up a vicious cycle of infection scratching or popping your spots, spreading the bacteria, causing more spots and so on and so on.

It naturally follows that having a two-pronged attack on both the excessive oil production and the bacteria that cause the spots and pimples can only help in your quest to prevent pimples and clear the ones you already have.

Tackle Bacteria and Prevent Those Pimples!

Get into a good skincare routine, as outlined on this site. You do not want to overdo it and dry out your skin too much as your body’s natural reaction to this is to produce more oil which is going to be counter-productive. But, washing your skin twice a day with a mild, antibacterial cleanser will help enormously.

how to prevent pimples

Secondly, try not to touch your skin with your hands. It is much harder than it sounds and is something we all do, unconsciously, many times a day. As you are inevitably going to touch your face with your hands no matter how hard you try not to, follow these steps to keep your hands as clean as possible.

The image on the right from the BBC website shows bacteria on hands under ultraviolet light.

  • Always wash your hands after visiting the washroom, always wash your hands when you come in from shopping (think of how many door handles, products and so on you have touched that maybe hundreds of other people have touched before you with germs and bacteria on their hands).
  • Keep your computer keyboard and telephone regularly cleansed (one report I read recently suggested that there could be more bacteria on a computer keyboard than in your toilet – not a nice thought).

Next, think about all the other things that come into contact with your face during the day.

  • Start off with your face towel and your pillow case, try to change these every day.
  • Keep your hair off your face as much as you can (this is especially important for preventing pimples on forehead), clip it or tie it back when practical to do so and keep your hair as clean as possible too.
  • Check your make-up – this can be a breeding ground for bacteria too. Try never to put your finger into cosmetics, always use a clean applicator, keep applicators and make-up brushes clean and dispose of any cosmetics that are past their sell by date or which you have had for a long time. The same goes for moisturizers and skin care products.

Avoid Pimples:- Limit Excessive Oil Production

cleansing routineDo not overdo your cleansing regime. The last thing you want to do is to overdry your skin and cause your body to try and rectify what it sees as a problem, by creating even more oil.

Use the most gentle cleanser you can find. Try to use natural products like tea tree oil that have natural antibacterial properties or an acne preparation with either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid which will help attack the problem.

Always look for products that specifically state that they are non-comedogenic (i.e. which will not block your pores) when you are looking for skin care products and cosmetics.

Talk to your doctor about whether your excessive oil production is caused by a hormonal imbalance. If this is the case, there are natural products as well as prescription medicines that can help you.

Take care of your diet, eat foods rich in vitamins A and E and omega three fatty acids. Think about taking a supplement if you are not confident your diet contains all the nutrients you need and make sure you always keep your body (and thus your skin), properly hydrated by trying to drink at least a liter of water every day in addition to drinks you normally take with meals and snacks. Keeping your skin properly hydrated will help your skin tremendously.

Learning how to prevent pimples depends on taking this two-pronged approach to deal with the bacteria that cause inflammation and infection and the excessive oil production that leads to blocked pores.This will not only help to avoid pimples but it will also help you get rid of any you may already have – but you have to stick at it! Perseverance is the key and whilst there may not be a miracle cure, you probably will not need one if you stick to these simple guidelines!

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