How To Get Great Skin This Summer, A Guide For Men

great skin for men

use our tips for men to get great skin this summer

Ok you guys, summer is here and with the ladies busy getting their complexions and their bodies toned up and beautiful for the beach – where you would like to be too, (except that you have a face full of zits), listen up and I am going to help you with some tactics to improve your skin without you having to embarrass yourself by going to a beauty salon or spa for facial treatments to repair the damage!

First of all, you have to really want your skin to be better – and ok, maybe you are not going to turn into a metrosexual and take on a really comprehensive skin care routine with an array of lotions and potions to rival anything the ladies use – but it’s no good being jealous of the guys with great skin, you are going to have to work at it, just the same as working those abs and pecs is the only way to get your body in shape!

If you just don’t know where to start with a good skin care routine because all you have ever used on your face is soap and water, learn (and apply) this little saying: “What Every True Man Needs For Perfection”!

W is for washing, cleansing your skin
E is for exfoliating
T is for toning
M is for moisturizing
N is for nourishing
F is for finally ….
P is for Protecting which comes last of all but is even more important than any other single step!

Why is men’s skin more oily in the summer when they need to look great for all those outdoor occasions? Skin care experts attribute a lot of the problem to humidity which causes the oil in the skin to rise to the surface. This has the unfortunate effect of trapping dirt and dead skin cells in the pores. Add to this the fact that men’s skin has bigger pores and (on average) twenty percent more oil that women’s skin, you can see why those bacteria that cause acne blemishes, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads have a ‘field day’ on your face in the summer!

So let’s take a look at what is needed

Use the guide below and if you need more help with specific problems,try these articles:-

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Follow our step-by-step plan to get your skin in great shape!

Washing your skin is best done with a natural, gentle cleanser or soap designed especially for your face. It should not contain chemicals or other ingredients that could be too harsh for use on facial skin. Save deodorant soaps and shower gels for the rest of your body. If you don’t want to consult a dermatologist or cosmetologist about a skin care routine, check online reviews of products and find out what is working for other people. Don’t splash out on an expensive new product without trying the trial size first. Making sure you stick to products with natural and organic ingredients will minimize the risk of any irritation or reaction.

Exfoliating is another vital step which should be tackled after cleansing your skin. An easy way to do this is with a gentle facial scrub. Look for one that has very small grains or beads which will help to take off the outermost, dead skin cells, without being abrasive as this could scratch skin and allow bacteria in to cause even more problems.

Kyoku Exfoliating ScrubWe recommend Kyoku for Men Exfoliating Facial Scrub because it contains rice bran which is gentle but effective at leaving skin smooth and with excess oil blotted away. It is branded as being particularly effective at removing dead skin cells and also those little ingrown hairs that can be such a pain and which also block up pores and form the ideal breeding ground for bacteria to start up an infection.

Next comes toning and whilst most men skip this step in their skin care regime, adding it into yours will definitely put you ahead of the game when it comes to improving the texture and appearance of your skin. A good toner will have a slightly astringent action and will work to minimize the appearance of pores and also help to prevent those ingrown hairs. Make a good toner your new best friend this summer and if you use it regularly, you will get great results.

We recommend Anthony Logistics For Men Astringent Toner Pads. These are so simple to use, no messing about with bottles of toner and cotton pads, just take a fresh toner pad out of the container and smooth it over your skin in the morning and again at night. You will find them soothing with an antibacterial and healing action, pores will be minimized and you won’t smell like a girl either – because they are fragrance-free! Just be sure to close the container firmly after use though as otherwise the pads will dry out and be no use at all!

Last of all in your skin care routine is moisturizing. People with oily skin make the big mistake of skipping this step. But because you will have removed a lot of the excess oil on your skin which is the body’s way of hydrating it, if you do not replace the oil with a moisturizer that will mimic this hydrating action, the sebaceous glands will just make more oil to solve the problem – leaving you back at square one!

So, even if your skin is oily, use a light non-comedogenic, oil-free moisturizer. You might like to choose a separate moisturizer for the delicate skin under and around your eyes. This moisturizing step should also provide the nourishment your skin needs and many creams, lotions and serums have lots of good things in them to nourish your skin. We love Kiehls Soothing and Nourishing Face Cream for Men as it is especially formulated for men and is light, non greasy and will not clog pores. It works as a humectants – which means it draws moisture to the skin out of the atmosphere – so it is a great way to look after your skin without risking more spots!

Finally, you need to Protect your skin from the environment using a good moisturizer provides an effective barrier against the elements. This is important in the winter against the drying effects of winds and cold weather but perhaps even more important during the summer when you need to protect against damaging UV rays from the sun. So, don’t forget the sunscreen and sunblock, (making sure to choose non-comedogenic brands), shade your eyes with a wide brimmed hat and/or sunglasses too.

Getting great skin will not happen overnight but if you persist in following our skin care plan for “What Every True Man Needs For Perfection”, you will very soon see a brighter, clearer reflection of you when you look in the mirror! Have a great summer, guys!

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