How Can You Combat Acne and Pimples?

Let’s begin by talking about the miracle of our skin and how it works to defend our body. Once we understand this process a little better, we can better understand why acne and pimples develop – and what we can do to combat them.

The Miracle of Human Skin


The skin is the largest organ and the soft outer covering of the human body and other vertebrates. It is made up of layers of tissues known as ectodermic tissues and comprises cells that continually replace themselves.

When any cell of the skin ages, it advances towards the surface of the skin; in the process, dying and evening out, to unite with innumerable other dead cells of the skin to create a defensive layer. This layer acts as the primary line of protection, defending the body from viruses, bacteria, pathogens and undue water loss. It also serves as the body’s insulator and regulates its temperature.

When skin is severely impaired, it has the capacity to heal in the form of a scar tissue. The thinnest skin of the human body is that around the eyelids and under the eye and hence the most likely part to show the first signs of aging in the form of crows feet or wrinkles.

Why do we get Acne and Pimples?

Acne Vulgaris
acne vulgarisThis is the commonest form of acne. It is formed when there is a bacterial infection at the point of blockage on the skin’s surface. In a normal skin, small oil producing glands called sebum are present within the hair follicles. The oil produced by them mixes with the cells of the skin on the path towards the outer skin. But in some skins, there is an excess quantity of sebum that hinders this passage out of the hair follicles, giving rise to the blockage as mentioned above and hence to the formation of acne. This is a common problem that generally begins when children attain adolescence and it continues till their mid-twenties; there may be variation in the extent of acne and the ages that are affected by it.

pimpleThese are a form of skin lesions that develop when there is occurrence of inflammation beneath the skin’s surface, due to which the walls of the pores break down. Bacteria, dead cells of the skin and sebum thus are afforded an easy entry to amass below the skin’s surface. This in turn, develops into an infection that give rise to raised, red bumps and they are called pimples. When the inflammation takes place even deeper within the skin, it results in the formation of Pustules; which are pimples filled with pus.

Treatments for Acne and/or Pimples

Don’t Pick Your Spots!
Never pick or rub at the spot of the acne or pimple. Always use washed hands to touch any part of your body; especially the face, otherwise you are in danger of being in direct contact with bacteria and viruses. In order to avoid breakouts in the face, gently wash your face with warm water and a mild soap or cleanser, with a clean washcloth twice a day; once in the morning and then before retiring to bed, in order to clean it free from the grime, grease and air polluted residues. The cleanser must contain salicylic acid, which is useful in dissolving dead skins and blackheads. Dabbing a little white toothpaste overnight on the pimple and washing it off in the morning also helps. Repeated use of the same will show positive results in a few days.

Use Mineral Make-up
Use pure mineral make-up as it provides you with a natural all-day SPF that helps to prevent scarring caused from pimples and UV exposure. Never sleep with your make-up on as this will clog the pores on the skin and lead to the formation of acne and/or pimples. Drink lots of water; about a glass per hour to avoid dehydration of your body; to flush away the toxins within and to get a glowing looking face. Do not keep late nights; always get a fitful sleep to avoid stress, otherwise it can be the cause of acne, by affecting the amount of oil production by the sebum.

Reduce Stress With Yoga
Yoga is known to be a great stress-buster and so, regularly practicing it will help in the long run. Walking and doing regular exercise from thirty minutes to one hour will work wonders towards improving your health; both physically and mentally and this will reflect in your face by rendering a natural glow to it.

Sweating clears the pores and this aids the dead cells to reach the skin surface. So also do work outs, as they stabilize the hormone levels of the body to reduce the production of sebum in the follicles.

After workouts, along with the sweat, the dead skin cells too leave the body through the pores; but when the sweat evaporates, it leaves salt on the skin and if that is left unwashed, it can result in blockages. This needs to be cleaned with a moisturizing face-wash for cleaning the salt from the body and also for replenishing whatever moisture was lost during the workout.

In many people, there are acne blemishes on the other parts of the body as well and this may be due to heat, contact between skin and the clothing; headbands and helmets. It is important to find the root cause of the reason for its formation and take necessary measures to avoid the same by changing the synthetic material of your clothing; loosening of the tight-fitting clothes, etc.

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Simple Steps That Will Help Your Skin

  • Mix cornmeal with your face cleanser and gently massage your face with it twice a week. It helps to exfoliate the skin and keep the pores free of blockages by dissolving hardened oils and dead skin cells. Applying a moisturizer twice daily is a must for all types of skins as dehydration can result in more oil production and hence clogged pores. In case of dry skins, bacteria can attack more easily because of the lack of moisture; that, which is a barrier against outer infections. It is advisable to use products containing tea tree oil as it helps in the healing of pimples; being naturally anti-bacterial.
  • Avoid the contact of hair products with your face, as they may cause breakouts. Steaming your face helps in the opening of the pores and this facilitates the purging of pimples.
  • Lastly, maintaining a healthy and nourishing diet is necessary to prevent acne formation. Avoid processed or spicy foods. Instead go for raw fruits and fresh food. Drink fresh fruit juices and soups. Remain happy always. It will reflect in your face.
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