Herbal Remedies for Pimples

A pimple, spot or zit is a kind of acne and is usually the result of excess oil trapped in the pores. Sometimes a visit to the dermatologist for prescribed drugs is a solution preferred by many. Often, a pimple problem is not addressed until it becomes a serious situation. They are even caused by stress, exposure to the sun, menstruation, usage of abrasive soaps or hormonal upheaval. Moreover, an herbal remedy is more of a permanent cure and constantly helps in cleansing the skin.

  1. milk thistleMilk thistle cleanses the entire system including the skin. The herb detoxifies various organs including the liver and and can help in preventing the generation of a pimple.
  2. Fruit juices when added to the diet considerably also help in acne reduction. Chocolates, Nuts, fried and fatty foods should be avoided for healthy skin.
  3. One other effective herbal remedy isĀ Tea tree oil which stops the acne causing bacteria from damaging skin.
  4. Calendula herbs help to remove the acne without leaving an ugly facial mark. It helps mend the skin and takes care of the scar, the end result of a pimple cured improperly.
  5. Inclusion of zinc as a supplement, also helps in the reduction of acne.
  6. A mixture of lemon juice and sandalwood applied onto the face regularly day after day assists in pimple reduction adding glow to the skin.
  7. Raw garlic juice is a strong and effective medication for pimple reduction. Application of it on affected areas regularly, reduces the chances of a new spot cropping up.
  8. Another easy and effective cure for pimples is to apply a small amount of mixture of olive oil and a teaspoon of sugar after steaming the face for almost ten minutes. Scrub and rinse the face thoroughly after the application to see improved results within weeks.
  9. Fenugreek is one more effective herb that could eradicate spots. The fresh leaves of fenugreek after being ground to a fine paste must be applied to the face every night prior to sleeping and should be washed out with warm water. This tremendously reduces the chances of pimples, reduces blackheads and the early appearances of wrinkles too.
  10. An ingredient used for cooking up tasty meals, Coriander also turns out to be a perfect cure for pimples. Extract a teaspoon of coriander juice and mix it with a pinch of turmeric powder to make a paste. Apply it on the face and let it dry. Wash it off before sleeping at night and notice improved results within weeks.

The above methods are some of the best cures for pimples, the best way to keep these blemishes away, is to take care of the skin and also take certain precautions to protect it.

  • herbal pimple remediesWashing the face using only a mild soap cleanser makes a huge difference.
  • Also refrain from scratching the face and always use a clean piece of cloth to get relief from any itching sensation.
  • Try and keep hands clean and nails short in order to avoid infections and abrasions while they come in contact with the face.
  • For the men out there, make sure that mild shaving creams are used and avoid brushing razors on the face more than required.
  • Make sure that sweat from face is wiped off with a clean, soft cloth and not left to dry on the skin.
  • Lastly, tackle pimples during their initial phase to avoid aggravation of the problem.

In case the problem persists, the above mentioned procedures are some of the most effective and user-friendly steps to tackle pimples and strengthen skin permanently.

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