Does Dermalogica Clean Start Hit The Spot?

Dermalogica Hit The Spot is part of the Dermalogica Clean Start range, which is marketed specifically for teenagers but can be used by anyone who is suffering from pimple breakouts.

When oil glands in your skin get infected with bacteria and mix with dead skin cells and dust, pores become blocked. The result? Inflammation and pus, also known as a nasty pimple!

Acne breakouts are very common in teenagers, because during puberty the sebaceous glands inside the pores of the skin produce larger amounts of sebum (oil).

But people of all ages can suffer from acne. Whatever age you are, if you want to get rid of your spots you will be looking for the best product to do just that.

Dermalogica Clean Start Hit The Spot

Amazon Customer Review:-

“My son has had a lot of breakouts lately. Tried “Clean Start” Hit the Spot because it was on sale at my hair salon. It works awesome. His trouble spots are much clearer. I’m ordering more right now….. “

Dermalogica hit the spot is specially formulated to spot-treat blemishes by killing the bacteria that causes breakouts in the first place. The entire Dermalogica clean start range claims to hydrate, soothe and comfort skin, and turn an acne-ridden complexion into a clear, healthy one.

How does it work?

This is a powerful product containing benzoyl peroxide and zinc sulfare, which get deep into the follicle to zap all traces of bacteria.

Burdock and licorice extracts hydrate and soothe the skin, reduce redness and minimise inflammation.

Dermalogica hit the spot can be used day or night.

Apply it before you moisturise, directly to the affected area, and leave it to dry. It can be used every 6 to 8 hours until you are satisfied with the results.

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Claire Reviews Three Products From the Clean Start Range

Top Tip: To go straight to the information on ‘Hit The Spot’, skip to 2:10 on the video!

What Do Users Think of This Dermalogica Product?

To save you the trouble, we’ve looked at dozens of clean start reviews. It’s pretty clear that it gets great feedback from teens through to adults. The following are the most common positive comments:

Dermalogica Hit The Spot

This product really will hit the spot and leave your skin looking great!

  • Does not dry the skin out as much as prescription treatments tend to do
  • Reduces pimples and redness overnight
  • Doesn’t smell or look unpleasant
  • Absorbs quickly, leaving no trace on the skin
  • Affordable price
  • Only a small amount of the product is required per application, so it can last a long time

Amazon Customer Review:-

“I have used this product for several years now and I find that it works better than anything I have tried in the past. Although some stores will market it specifically for teens, I am 30 years old and it was recommended to me by my esthetician. I have no complaints, it does the trick but does not dry your skin out as much as a prescription treatment.”

So whether you are a teenager or an adult suffering from acne, this could be the answer to your pimple problem. Don’t think you are too old to use skin care products that are marketed for teens, as the spot-fighting ingredients they contain will work on skin of any age.

Give Dermalogica Hit The Spot a shot and try the other products in the Clean Start range – they might just work wonders for you!

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