Can Drinking Tea Improve Your Skin?

drink tea and improve your skinDid you know that drinking tea can help you look better and appear more youthful? Yes, drinking tea regularly can help make your skin clearer, more youthful and more radiant.

Tea has been around for centuries and it is a popular beverage in many parts of the world.

It actually contains antioxidants and minerals and nutrients like zinc which are great for the skin. Though it may be tempting to purchase all those expensive face creams, good skin often starts with our diet.

So how can drinking tea improve your skin?

1. Rich source of antioxidants.

It is a good source of antioxidants. Aside from fighting free radicals in the body, antioxidants help in the oxidation process and they are also good in repairing damaged cells. As such, regular consumption of tea will help your skin look clearer and younger-looking. Antioxidants are also good in fighting premature aging. It is said that we don’t get enough antioxidants on a regular basis. By drinking tea more often, even coffee, you can get more antioxidants in your diet. You can also get more antioxidants by eating a diet rich in produce. Dark, leafy vegetables and produce with a colorful exterior often mark a good source of antioxidants.

2. Rooibos is good for treating skin problems.

A certain type of loose leaf tea, called rooibos has been very popular in South Africa for treating various skin diseases. It is red in color and is also popularly known as “red bush.” So if you have skin problems such as allergies, skin eczema, pimples and acne eruptions, why not try this delicious brew? This type can also help relieve skin conditions like sunburns and rashes. Aside from being nutritious, rooibos is also free from caffeine, making it a healthy drink.

3. Drinking green brews are also good for skincare and healing the skin.

Green brews are also good for the skin. Some of its benefits are slowing the appearance of aging, improving the skin’s elasticity, and it also has healing properties which are effective in treating skin conditions such as infection, inflammation, and acne. This type contains compounds called polyphenols that fight bacteria and reactivate dying skin cells. Studies also show that polyphenols (used topically) are not absorbed beyond the epidermis so you are assured that they can only affect the skin’s outer layers. In addition, tea is also good for treating skin problems like psoriasis, wrinkles, and wounds. In recent studies, it was found out that green tea helps reduce inflammation and swelling of the skin, detoxifies, and quickens healing of damaged skin cells. It also helps regulate hormonal activity that causes acne.

Editor’s note: Green tea is also used topically in skin care products like the 100 Percent Pure Jasmine Green Tea Cleanser pictured.

4. Green tea gives protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

This type is also a good sunblock. It has the ability to heal damaged skin caused by sunburn and it also protects the skin from further damage from the sun.

So if you want to improve your skin, start drinking tea regularly. You might no longer need expensive skincare products just to have the skin you want.

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