Beyond Pimple Popping, Acupuncture for Acne

Treating acne with acupuncture may sound too much like popping a pimple with a pin – but Maryland acupuncture can treat acne without ever touching afflicted area, which is usually the face.

treating acne with acupuncture
From the smallest whitehead to the most severe – which is chronic and cystic acne that can leave scars – acne leaves its own social and emotional scars. Many sufferers feel embarrassment during flare-ups and avoid social situations, trying to hide their condition – and themselves – while their pimples heal. When one pimple heals while another one forms, there can be a cycle of acne that brings a stressful and self-conscious lifestyle.

Acne is caused by a number of aggravators. The most obvious cause is the clogging of a pore in the skin. Excess oils and skin cells clog the sebaceous gland, which becomes infected with bacteria. The hormones of puberty, as well as the hormonal changes during such events as menstruation in women, can exacerbate the inflammation.

Acupuncture won’t cure puberty or menstruation, nor would we want it to. Those bodily changes are a fact of life and the reason we, as humans, can grow and reproduce. But Maryland acupuncture can treat the effects of those hormones by encouraging the flow of the body’s energy and blood. The spleen and the liver, stimulated through acupuncture, can quicken any stagnation of internal energy and revitalize blood flow, keeping hormone levels from wreaking havoc with our skin. The foot and the ankle contain acupuncture points which coordinate with the spleen and liver. They seem unrelated to acne on the face and chest, but acupuncture treats the body as a whole. Each organ is connected to a channel that runs through the body to the skin’s surface.

Taking oral antibiotics of often how a dermatologist will treat chronic acne. Each pimple is an infection. While this course of medicine can be effective, it’s also not the best choice for the rest of your body’s immune system or digestive tract, which needs its good bacteria to keep its system stable. Antibiotics kill off the body’s good and bad bacteria both. Acupuncture in addition to, or instead of, a course of antibiotics can treat the skin infections, as well as promote good digestion to help offset the effects of antibiotics. The stomach – which has an acupuncture point below the knee, as well as many others – can be treated along with the intestines to keep digestion moving along, and keep the body running.

Stress and poor diet are also responsible for acne flare-ups, and both are treatable with acupuncture. Acupuncture sessions restore a sense of calm, which helps with stress as well as with compulsive eating. The body becoming aware of itself, through the practice of acupuncture, is meditative, and the patient will usually feel relaxed and free of obsessions after a treatment. Patients can make better food choices, can better deal with anxiety, and can be more restful.

acupuncture teaching aid

This acupuncture teaching aid has points marked for reference

In traditional eastern acupuncture, acne is caused by too much heat in the stomach and the lungs, and thus the skin channels along the arms and the legs are treated to keep those organs in balance, which will help the manifestation of acne. In the western world, we may think the phrases “stomach heat” and “lung heat” are meaningless in our medicalized society, but they translate into ideas what we can understand. The lungs are responsible for respiration and the opening of our pores. The stomach is responsible for digestion of oils and grease in our food. Acupuncture in the western world that treats those organs, resulting in a lessening of acne, is going to be as effective in a Maryland acupuncture session as it is in a Chinese acupuncture session. Our bodies don’t differentiate between western or eastern beliefs.

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