Best Skincare Products for Adult Acne

adult acne

Check out our recommendations for skin care products to treat adult acne

Adult acne is a genuine problem for around a quarter of all men and up to half of all women. Levels of severity vary and most cases of adult acne are very mild.

Some adults do suffer from bad acne and the impact can be devastating as skin problems can cause a lack of confidence and be depressing. However there are some excellent treatments available to sufferers.

We have provided a few of the best non-prescription products, from some of the leading brands, that you can use to complement your prescribed medicines or existing skincare regime.

Benzoyl Peroxide – Benzoyl Peroxide is a core element of treating acne and can be found in many prescribed gels, creams and ointments. If you are not already using it as part of your prescribed acne treatments it is available from a number of skincare retailers. Jan Marini, gloTherapeutics and Obagi all produce products that contain Benzoyl Peroxide. It is best to seek advice from a skincare professional before using Benzoyl Peroxide.

Jan Marini Bioglycolic Cleanser – A good cleanser is a key part of any skincare regime, especially if you suffer from acne. This cleanser can be used on all skin types and it is gentle compared to other acne targeted cleansers. The main ingredient is glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is very good at penetrating deep into the skin and breaking down the top levels which improves texture and ultimately reduces the appearance of blemishes such as acne damage. It is often used by skincare professionals for chemical peels but in much higher concentrations. A stronger alternative for more experienced users of glycolic acid products is NeoStrata Foaming Glycolic Wash.

Agera Antibacterial Peptide Cream – This gel moisturiser is specifically designed for acne prone skin. It is notoriously difficult for acne sufferers to find a moisturiser that hydrates their skin without causing break outs. As with most acne moisturisers Antibacterial Peptide Cream is oil free. It dries quickly and the invisible barrier seals in moisture without completely saturating the skin. The key technologies in this product are Lysozyne and Stimulysin. Lysozyme is proven to break down bacterial cells. Stimulysin promotes healing at the same time as combatting bacteria cells.

Exuviance Blemish Treatment Gel – ‘on the spot’ treatments as they are often called are used by most acne sufferers and there are thousands to choose from. Exuviance Blemish Treatment works in a number of ways all aimed at treating acne and reducing the signs. NeoStrata Spot Treatment Gel is also a good ‘on the spot’ treatment as it is designed to clear existing acne blemishes and prevent new ones from forming. Both contain Salicylic Acid which is one of the most trusted anti acne ingredients.

Although all of the above have been used successfully by sufferers of acne it is important to remember that not everything will work for you. If you have already found a product that works for you there is no need to change it. Similarly, if the products you currently use don’t seem to be working don’t be afraid to try new ones. You can never find the right treatments for you if you don’t try different ones out!

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