Are Facials Worth the Money?

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Professional facials are relaxing and can improve skin by treating spots and blemishes - but are they really worth the money?

For some women, no visit to the salon is complete without a facial. Spending time in a relaxing atmosphere while a professional massages, moisturizes and clarifies can leave you feeling rested and glowing, as well as reduce unpleasant blemishes on your face. Whether you go once a week or once a year, you’ll find that facials result in better skin and a more toned face.

Those who attend regularly certainly look better as a result, but they also pay some major fees in the process. Is it really worth spending hundreds of dollars a year on facials? In truth, almost everything done at a salon can be performed at home, on your own, for a fraction of the cost. You will, however, be losing the practiced hands of an aesthetician, along with his or her knowledge and guidance when it comes to caring for your skin.

A facial usually lasts an hour, although some are as short as 15 minutes. A standard procedure involves cleansing, the removal of dead skin cells, massaging, moisturizing, blackhead extraction and finally a skin mask. The details vary depending on the salon and what your individual skin needs, and are usually determined by the aesthetician. You get the benefit of a soothing environment and a professional evaluation of what your skin needs, as well as any of the other services offered at the salon. Massage treatments and the right masks can take years off of your face, without having to resort to more intense and expensive options like Botox. But every part of a facial can be approximated as part of your routine hygiene regimen.

How To Give Yourself A Home Facial

To perform a facial at home, you will need a few different products to get the whole effect. Start with a brisk wash, then use an exfoliating scrub to transform your face into a blank canvas. If you can, drape a towel over your head and hold your face over a steaming bowl of water to open up your pores. Then, spread a mask over your face for approximately half an hour. You can purchase masks or whip up your own based on hundreds of recipes available online. Finally, when you’ve washed off the mask, apply a moisturizer by gently rubbing it in in circles up your face. This strengthens your facial muscles and gives your face a tight, toned appearance. At the same time, pamper yourself with a manicure and pedicure to feel even more refreshed!

Editor’s note, why not try our recipe for a homemade honey face mask?

What Are The Benefits of Professional Facials?

So, if you can perform all of the basic components of a facial, why go to a salon? Some simply enjoy the experience, but others have a more practical reason: the help of a skin expert.

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A professional facial can help you to get the results you want, use the facialist's advice to look after your skin between treatments

A good facialist can analyze your skin, spot the problems and help you get the results you want. They have access to high-quality products and know which will damage your skin and which can improve it. The best course of action then, may be to neither abandon professional facials nor bear the expense of getting one once or twice a month. Many women head to the salon every three or four months to receive an honest assessment and advice, and then follow their own maintenance routine until their next appointment. By balancing cost and quality, you can still get the best results without breaking your bank in the process.

This is a guest post by Cindi Lewis who writes for Glossy, a hair care products and beauty products online retailer.

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