6 Reasons We Pop Pimples

popping a pimplePopping your pimples (or as they are more commonly known, “zits”) is something that almost everyone has done. We have tried to resist popping those zits but in vain. Knowing completely well that it is not right to pop pimples because it may lead to scarring or further infection, we still do it. We keep telling ourselves not to touch a pimple and that we should never ever pop it. We could be either a saint or a liar and the last check there were very few saints that were canonized. Why do we really pop zits?

Reasons Why We Hate Having a Pimple and Want to Get Rid of It

It is ugly
It is unsightly, the presence of pus indicate that the face is unhealthy. It does not take rocket science for everyone to note that a face full of acne is never a pretty sight. This is the reason why people tend to pop their zit in order to lessen the possibility that their faces will be riddled with acne.

It is itchy
Of course it is itchy, because the body is releasing chemicals that tell our brains that there are local skin irritations. Suffering from an allergy may also give you an itch but that’s not the solution to make the itch go, right? Itch is the body’s way to tell you that there is something on your skin that needs your attention.

It has to heal faster
We want to remove the zit thus we pop it. It is a simple logic that will tell us that if there is something that does not belong to the face, we just get rid of it. Dermatologists recommend fighting that urge. But, instead use an acne medication which is the best way to remedy the situation. There are no short cuts in healing so you have to deal with it.

applying pimple creamEditor’s note, if you need some help to get rid of pimple redness faster, this link will take you to a helpful article.

Alternatively, for something you can put on that will minimize the appearance of spot quickly you could check out our article on choosing pimple cream.

It makes my face look imperfect
Yes it does. However, popping it would make the problem worse. The scars that would result in popping may leave deep crevices that will make your face more blemished and imperfect.

It is part of our basic instinct
The reason why we pop our zits is because of instinct. If we have a dog or a cat, we could probably relate that everything that they do is out of instinct. It is a natural consequence for people to touch or disturb their zits. Pimples are regarded as an eye sore and if there is something that bothers us we want to get rid of it.

I want to get rid of it ASAP
Of course you do, that is why you want to pop it. Well surprise, surprise! It does not act that way. The growth of acne entails a lot of factors and there could be a myriad of reasons why you are suffering from acne that led to the appearance of the zit. It is ugly and you want it gone. But, you need to do it right.

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