5 Amazing Health Benefits of Camel Milk

health benefits of camel milkWith immense benefits like lower fat, less allergic, more iron and amino acids, anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties and high nutritional value, Camel milk is surely a blessing for those who suffer from auto-immune diseases – and it’s amazing for your skin too, read on to find out more!

With most supermarket fridges stacked up with cartons of milk, some might find camel milk labeled cartons and may wonder whether these could be stapled into their routine diet or not. As major portion of our milk diet is sourced from cows, many people are quite skeptical about the health and the healing benefits of camel milk.
Medically utilized by nomadic people for centuries, camel milk is considered closest to human mother’s milk with 10 times more iron and 4 times more vitamin C than usual cow’s milk.

This article focuses on various marvelous benefits of camel milk:

Fixing Allergies
Lacking in beta-lacto globulin and beta-casein (major constituents of cow and sheep milk) and with surplus of immunoglobulin which can pierce through the tissues to fight infections, camel milk fights food allergies and treat all the patients whether aged, adult or children. Fairly rich in all nutritional values, it is often termed as complete milk and can be consumed unpasteurized. People suffering from severe food allergies, react well and amazingly recover from all their allergic ailments.

Fighting Auto-Immune Disorders
Slightly saltier than cow’s milk, the whey protein in camel’s milk contains immunoglobulin and antibodies which enhances its bacterial and viral fighting abilities. It particularly addresses and heals deregulation of human immune system. Its unique capability is to penetrate inside human tissue or cell and neutralize completely, the infectious enzyme activity of the bacteria or virus causing stomach infections. Many researches believe that camel milk can even heal and control autoimmune disorders. Theories regarding autoimmune system disorders are that the immune systems attack their own body tissues due to bacteria buried in the intestines. Compared to traditional methods of suppressing the ailments, camel milk benefits by boosting these disorders.

Autism Treatment
Rich in amino acids and lacking in two major caseins (richly found in cow’s milk), camel milk can be safely consumed by children suffering from autism. Studies have revealed that many young children suffering from the disease showed great improvement after being switched from cow’s milk and fed with camel milk. This is because of the allergic stimulation caused due to consumption of cow milk. Parents are readily utilizing camel milk as a stapled diet for their children and are regularly reporting improvements such as healthier sleep; increased motor planning, eye-contact and spatial awareness; better verbal communication and better gastrointestinal function.

Treating Diabetes
Diabetes, measuring blood sugarEasy to digest and highly nourishing, the camel’s milk is low in fat and contains sufficient insulin making it a potential treatment tonic for the diabetics. Researchers have revealed that daily intake of fresh 500 ml of camel milk helps to control blood sugar level and protein-insulin is absorbed rapidly to mobilize pancreatic function and improve the lives of diabetics.

Skin Treatment
The amazing healing power and anti-aging qualities of camel milk might have inspired Egyptian Queen Cleopatra to regularly bathe in camel’s milk. A natural source of skin softening alpha-hydroxyl acids, it addresses all acne causing skin-bacteria and its anti-inflammatory properties reduces skin redness and irritation. Camel’s milk is readily used in many skin products, moisturizers and with its unique ability to retain skin-moisture, it immensely helps to protect, rejuvenate and maintain healthy skin.

We do sincerely hope that this article will surely encourage you to try and include camel milk as a source nutrition in your dietary and benefit immensely from it.

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