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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Camel Milk

health benefits of camel milkWith immense benefits like lower fat, less allergic, more iron and amino acids, anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties and high nutritional value, Camel milk is surely a blessing for those who suffer from auto-immune diseases – and it’s amazing for your skin too, read on to find out more!

With most supermarket fridges stacked up with cartons of milk, some might find camel milk labeled cartons and may wonder whether these could be stapled into their routine diet or not. As major portion of our milk diet is sourced from cows, many people are quite skeptical about the health and the healing benefits of camel milk.
Medically utilized by nomadic people for centuries, camel milk is considered closest to human mother’s milk with 10 times more iron and 4 times more vitamin C than usual cow’s milk.

This article focuses on various marvelous benefits of camel milk:

Fixing Allergies
Lacking in beta-lacto globulin and beta-casein (major constituents of cow and sheep milk) and with surplus of immunoglobulin which can pierce through the tissues to fight infections, camel milk fights food allergies and treat all the patients whether aged, adult or children. Fairly rich in all nutritional values, it is often termed as complete milk and can be consumed unpasteurized. People suffering from severe food allergies, react well and amazingly recover from all their allergic ailments. Continue reading

Acne Treatment With Home Remedies!

Acne is considered to be a disorder of the pilosebaceous unit part of the skin’s immune system and comprising the hair follicle, sebaceous gland and a hair. These units are found on all parts of the body except on palms, top of the feet, soles and lower lip. Pilosebaceous units are found largely on the face, upper neck and chest. The sebum which is produced by the sebaceous glands keeps the skin and the hair moisturized.

Hidden causes of Acne


stress pimples

Stress can be a major cause of pimples, acne and skin problems

Researchers have proven over years that stress contributes as a major factor for acne breakouts. According to researchers, the steroid hormones like glucocorticoids and adrenal androgens are released due to stress. This can activate the oil glands causing skin pores to clog and finally resulting in acne breakouts. Based on the research, it was also found that college students were affected with more acne during exams.

For a different research study, young men were assigned with two 12-week diets of which one group was given carbohydrate-rich diet while the other was given protein-rich diet. Men having protein-rich diet were observed to have lowered the number of pimples twice as much as the ones having carbohydrate-rich diet. This study proved that an increase in insulin could cause inflammation and skin breakouts. So, eating less sugar and eating more whole grains can help in keeping the skin clean and healthy. Continue reading

Hydrating Face Serum, Our Review

If you have wanted to try a hydrating serum for your skin, In this article, we are going to take a look at two products, Quench Hydrating Face Serum (the dry skin version) and Oil Free Quench (which is designed for oily skin) Both products are from Kate Somerville and I am providing a review of both products available so you can check out whichever is most suitable for your skin type.

The Philosophy Behind Kate Somerville Products

hydrated skin

If you want to keep your skin feeling this hydrated, check out our hydrating serum reviews!

First of all, Kate Sommerville’s business philosophy is refreshingly simple, she works to help people look and feel great by developing products that resolve skin problems. She used to suffer from Eczema herself. This is a form of dermatitis which comes from the Greek word for ‘to boil’ (read more about Eczema here) , so understands perfectly how demoralizing and confidence-sapping it can be to face the world with blemished skin or with skin that feels uncomfortably dry and sore. So, for Kate, helping people comes first and the business success has followed – I applaud her!

Why Both Dry and Oily Skins Need Quench Hydrating Serum

Whether your skin is dry or oily, it needs hydration. What people with oily skin often do not realise, is that by trying to rid their skin of excess oil to remove that oily shine, they may be making matters worse if they do not replace the lost moisture. Our skin makes sebum, a natural oil, to moisturise it. When we remove the oil and leave our skin dry, the oil producing glands (sebaceous glands) can go into a sort of ‘over-drive’ in an effort to compensate causing a vicious cycle that escalates if we are not careful. Continue reading

Tips on How to Find the Best Skincare Without Parabens

skin care cream

Lean how to find natural skincare products without chemicals such as parabens that could have long term health effects.

More and more people care about the way they look and want to keep their skin beautiful for as long as possible.

The term ‘growing old gracefully’ no longer means quite what it used to and many of us will now use as many products as we can so that we don’t grow old at all.

With the increase in the number of skincare products we use has come a desire to know what those products contain and awareness that some of the ingredients need to be avoided at all costs.

This is one of the many reasons why so many men and women have decided to use only skincare without parabens.

Your Guide To Choosing Paraben-Free Skincare Products

The first thing to understand is that any skincare that is water based will need a preservative to stop bacterial growth from forming. Parabens are the most common product used for this purpose and have been deemed safe to use in small quantities by the governing bodies. However, it has now been discovered that parabens may actually stay in the body much longer than first thought when absorbed through skincare products and this carries potential risks. So the first thing that you need to do when looking for skincare without parabens is to look for products that are not water based.

If you have a favorite skincare product that you want to change but are unsure if you will be able to find skincare products without parabens that are similar, then visit the website of the manufacturer of your existing product. Many manufacturers have listened to their customers and noticed an increase in the demand for skincare without parabens and are making a natural version of existing products. It may be that they have not yet been taken on by the main supermarkets but if they are making a paraben free version then you will be able to either purchase it directly or find a local outlet that is stocking it. Continue reading

Guidelines for Glowing Skin!

For many years now, men and women the world over have graced the covers of health, beauty, and home magazines with flawless, glowing, and absolutely gorgeous skin all with the aim of promoting proper skin health and care.

natural skincareThe only problem is that most of these pictorial attempts at flawless skin have been heavily airbrushed and glossed over till they look just right. With these guidelines for glowing skin, you will be able to pull off that flawless look entirely on your own!

Top 5 Tips For Great Looking Skin

Drink lots of water!
drink lots of water for healthy skinWater has healing powers that cleanse your body of toxins and waste products and help your skin to stay glowingly hydrated. It should be drunk at any and all times of the day, and not reserved only for when you are dehydrated. Drinking a healthy amount of water, as shown by recent studies, has been found to reduce the risk colon cancer by 45%, the risk of bladder cancer by 50%, and even breast cancer. Carry water with you. Keep a bottle handy in your car, a glass of water on your desk, and a jug of water on the dining table at all times. Encourage yourself to drink more because doing so, for fact, will help your skin to glow.

Maintain a proper balance of sunlight.
protect your skin in the sunToo much sun and tanning is not good for your skin and causes deadly forms of skin cancer, but on the other hand a lack of Vitamin D and sunshine can also cause cancer. Tough luck!

Avoid the hottest hours of the day. The trick with sunlight is that you want the Vitamin D, but you don’t want to get burned. The hottest hours of the day are usually between 10am and 4pm. Spending about 15 minutes in the sunshine during this time without any sunblock will help to give your body the Vitamin D that it needs. Continue reading